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Summer Fun Activities for Seniors!
By: Lisa Beatty, 7/5/2022

Well, it’s Michigan, and this summer, we’re either being drenched with monsoon-style rains, or wilting in the heat and humidity. But Michigan does bestow some glorious days upon us in between, and seniors and caregivers (especially caregivers!) can certainly get cabin fever after being shut in for the rainy or sizzling days.  So, when the sun is out and there’s a beautiful Michigan breeze, what are some great activities for seniors and caregivers to do?

Go fishing!  Even from a pier of the riverbank or a bridge at a small community park, if you can get there, it’s easy to throw a line over the edge and wait for the fish to sense a tasty snack on the end of the line.  Just be sure to find a shady spot under a tree!

Go for a picnic at a local park.  It’s easy to pack a picnic basket and find a nice spot at the park.  Many seniors enjoy getting out and watching people, and it’s a fun excursion to bring grandkids, too.

Garden!  While many seniors aren’t able to manage an actual garden plot, there’s no need to give up gardening over mobility issues – how about planting some beautiful annuals in a pot?

Start or attend a book club.  Reading is great for active minds, and sharing thoughts and ideas is, too.  Find a local senior or community center that will offer a spot or check with your local library for an existing one.  Meet in a sunny atrium or sheltered outside area.

Go bird watching.   With a small investment of some binoculars and maybe a bird book, you can spend hours just watching and identifying the birds at your own feeder or at a local park.

Check out the local farmers market or craft/art show! There are always fun things to look at and buy.  You could even get a head start on your holiday shopping.

Is it still raining outside?  How about a trip to a museum or art gallery?  The local mall or movie theater is always an option – most have access for people with physical challenges and they’re air conditioned, too!

Now (before the dreaded Michigan winter arrives) is a great time to stop by our office to talk – about anything from a review of your current estate plan to caregiving options and everything in between. And we’ve got A/C, so come keep cool with us!  To make an appointment, give us a call at 248 685-8743.


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