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Protecting Your Minor Children

If your children are young, it is critically important to take steps to protect them should something happen to you. This may involve putting a plan in place that can:

  • Allow your surviving spouse to devote more attention to your children without the burden and stress of work obligations
  • Provide counseling and other resources for your spouse if he or she lacks the experience or ability to handle financial and legal matters
  • Provide for your children in the event you and your spouse die at the same time
  • Nominate a guardian to raise your children if you and your spouse cannot do so
  • Designate a trustee to manage your minor children’s finances. (This does not have to be the same person you nominate as guardian.)
  • Control how and when your children receive your assets. Provisions can be made to account for your children’s age, needs, and ability to handle large sums of money.

Obviously, your choice of both guardian and trustee are crucial decisions. We can help you select the proper candidates, make sure they are legally bound to carry out your wishes, and guide them through the myriad duties and responsibilities associated with such an important role.

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