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Planning to promote independence and ensure quality of care

Long-Term Care Planning

Sometimes the need for long-term care planning happens suddenly, a health crisis or an accident sends a loved one into the hospital and nursing home care is imminent.  The attorneys at Huron Valley Law Center are here to help you in the event of a crisis.  We can walk you through what options are available and get planning into place quickly.

More often though, the need for long-term care develops gradually over time.  Families and individuals face many unknowns when struggling with long-term care issues who is going to provide care?  Where will the care be provided?  And hovering over all of these decisions how are we going to pay for this? 

That is why Huron Valley Law Center offers Long-Term Care Phase Planning.  We believe that having proper planning in place before a crisis provides clients and their families with the most options and ensures better quality of life.  We encourage our clients to begin planning early and to meet with us regularly to update us on their situation so that we can adjust their planning as needed. 

Huron Valley Law Center has attorneys that specialize in estate planning and elder law, which is critical when dealing with long-term care issues.  Contact us for a consultation with one of our attorneys to learn how long-term care phase planning works and why it is important for you and your family.

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