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Caroline Bielas and Michael Hickox
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Estate Planning and The Holidays Part 2
By: Caroline Bielas, 1/2/2017

As 2017 quickly approaches, carve out some time to think about what you would change about 2016 if you could.  2016 was a tumultuous year for our country and for many people.  2017 provides each one of us with the opportunity to make things different.  To better ourselves and our communities.  Each of us has different talents and gifts, but we can all make our little corner of the world better.  How will you improve yourself and your world in 2017?  Will you be kinder?  Will you join a gym?  Will you listen more?  Will you finally get your estate planning done?  Get your financial house in order? 

As we see so many famous people pass out of this world as the year comes to a close, we are all reminded that our time here is short.  Resolutions are not just for January 1.  Every day is a chance to resolve once again to do better, try harder, and make a difference.  Huron Valley Law Center (HVLC) wishes you a peaceful, prosperous, and productive New Year!

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