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Caroline Bielas and Michael Hickox
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Estate Planning and The Holidays Part 1
By: Caroline Bielas, 12/21/2016

Isnít it funny how the holidays can make us all feel like kids again?  When it comes to holiday joy, the suspense of opening that special gift, or the warm feelings we get when surrounded by our loved ones Ė the holidays can be a big positive.  When it comes to feelings of dread over seeing a certain family member, or guilt over not being able to visit our family members, or sibling rivalries resurfacing Ė the holidays can be a big negative. 

Estate planning can feel the same way.  Many people dread getting their estate planning done and put it off as long as possible.  They donít want to face the difficult situations in their family or make decisions that may not be popular with everyone.  Some people delay their estate planning so long that it becomes too late and they leave behind a mess for their family.  

Just like making that trip to your sisterís house and sitting next to your super chatty uncle who wants to rehash the election isnít something you necessarily want to do Ė you will hopefully do it anyway this season.  You will look to the greater good of preserving family harmony, providing an attentive ear to someone who is hard to listen to, and sharing the love of family.  Thatís what estate planning is about too.  Itís not about death, taxes, or money Ė itís about planning for those you love to leave behind a legacy of caring.  Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and happy holiday season filled with family harmony and peace.

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