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1. Am I allowed to keep all of my Social Security and pension if I am in a nursing home and Medicaid is paying for my care?

2. Are the rules for Medicaid different in each state?

3. Are there any assets that Medicaid does not consider available to the Medicaid applicant and/or his or her spouse?

4. Are well spouses legally responsible for Medicaid expenses of a sick spouse?

5. As the primary caregiver how can I get a break?

6. Can I add my daughter's or son's name to my bank account instead of having a power of attorney?

7. Can my mother give away $10000 with no problems?

8. Do all attorneys practice elder law?

9. Do children have to pay for a parent to be in a nursing home?

10. Do I have to wait five years after giving anything away to get Medicaid?

11. Do I need a living trust?

12. Do I need a will?

13. Do I need to have my loved one evaluated? And by whom?

14. Does a revocable living trust offer asset protection?

15. How can an estate plan prevent a guardianship proceeding?

16. How does a power of attorney terminate?

17. I am single. What happens if I have to go to a nursing home?

18. If I choose a durable power of attorney how would my incapacity be determined?

19. If I give my agent immediate powers do I forfeit all rights to make financial decisions?

20. If I go into a nursing home and my wife stays home how much of my income can she keep?

21. If I have all my estate planning and long term care documents from another state do I have to have them redone in Michigan?

22. If my mother or father is not able to handle her or his own financial matters what can I do?

23. If my spouse and I own everything jointly might a durable power of attorney still be useful?

24. Must third parties honor a power of attorney?

25. Once I have signed a durable power of attorney can I change my mind?

26. Our entire family works together to take care of our mother. Can we be paid for the things we do for her?

27. Should I add my family members name on my assets and avoid a will?

28. Should I have a power of attorney for healthcare?

29. Should I notify my bank about a durable power of attorney?

30. Under a power of attorney can my agent make a gift on my behalf?

31. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a guardianship?

32. What are the common mistakes in Medicaid asset protection planning?

33. What does spend down mean?

34. What if I do not want to go to a nursing home? Are there ways to get services brought into the home?

35. What is an advance directive?

36. What is dementia and how is it related to Alzheimer's disease?

37. What is elder law?

38. What is the main reason for having a general power of attorney?

39. What should I consider when developing a plan for long term care services?

40. When does a power of attorney become effective?

41. Why should I hire an elder law attorney?

42. Why should I use an elder law attorney to help me apply for Medicaid benefits?

43. Will having a durable power of attorney prevent the need for a conservatorship?

44. Will having a power of attorney and health care proxy in place prevent the need for a guardianship?

45. Will long-term care insurance pay for care at home?

46. Will Medicare cover the cost of nursing home care?

47. Will my loved one get worse care in the nursing home once Medicaid starts paying for her care?

48. Will the government or state take my house if I go into a nursing home?

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