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1. What is Elder Law?

Elder law is the area of law that focuses on preparing and meeting the challenges that arise as people age.  Elder law attorneys focus on helping people and their families to understand what resources are available to help with maintaining independence, providing quality of care, and determining what resources are available to pay for care.

2. Is Elder Law the same thing as Medicaid Law?

Medicaid planning is a component of Elder Law.  Medicaid is a federal program that is administered by the states, therefore each state has its own Medicaid laws.  Medicaid laws are constantly changing which is why it is vitally important to consult with an Elder Law attorney as early as possible if a loved one may need skilled nursing care in the future.

3. I would never put my parent in a nursing home so do I need to learn about Medicaid?

Many families work diligently to keep a loved one from going into a nursing home.  However, sometimes the strain on the caregivers or the level of care needed by the care recipient exceed what the family can handle.  It is also important to know that there some options available for receiving care at home or at a care facility which Medicaid will cover if you meet the requirements.

4. My parent is already in a nursing home, is it true that the State will take the house?


Michigan does have an estate recovery program for persons that have received nursing home Medicaid benefits, it is important to consult with an Elder Law attorney to understand how the recovery statute works and whether or not your loved one’s home will be subject to it.

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